• Serve as a platform to unite all key players in the construction industry / built environment sector

  • Co-ordinate our joint efforts to play a key role in the built environment sector and our economy

  • Provide quality feedback to the government on policies affecting the industry and problems facing the sector.

  • Be a think-tank for the industry

  • Partner with the government to work out appropriate solutions to the various problems affecting the industry


  • All member organisations will work together towards the betterment of the construction industry in the overall context of the Singapore.

  • Encourage and support member organisation to uphold and advance the integrity, honour, dignity and business interests of their membership by:

    • Using their knowledge and skill for the advancement of human welfare and the enhancement of the economic competitiveness of the built environment in Singapore and the quality of life for residents in Singapore;

    • Serving the public and other clients with honesty, impartiality and fidelity;

    • Striving to increase the competence and prestige of their professions.